The Darker Side of Blogging…

I saw this story on Facebook via Sky News… “Mommy Blogging” is something that I have been researching as part of one of the chapters of my PhD… This however is something way more sinister and disturbing.

This is an interesting story for a number of reasons… In terms of HOW this woman presented herself “online” and what her motherhood “reality” was in digitally mediated and embodied space is certainly captivating. The community of others that she built herself around is also clearly very important to her; whether living in the Fellowship community or expressing herself on social media. She placed a huge emphasis on social media, be it updating her status, posting inappropriate photos, blogging, etc., and she received attention from others who shared their experiences with her and encouraged her to “stay strong” through her son’s illness. The reader invests in her blog and her story, and follow her on her journey; a very personal one.

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