The Darker Side of Blogging…

I saw this story on Facebook via Sky News… “Mommy Blogging” is something that I have been researching as part of one of the chapters of my PhD… This however is something way more sinister and disturbing.

This is an interesting story for a number of reasons… In terms of HOW this woman presented herself “online” and what her motherhood “reality” was in digitally mediated and embodied space is certainly captivating. The community of others that she built herself around is also clearly very important to her; whether living in the Fellowship community or expressing herself on social media. She placed a huge emphasis on social media, be it updating her status, posting inappropriate photos, blogging, etc., and she received attention from others who shared their experiences with her and encouraged her to “stay strong” through her son’s illness. The reader invests in her blog and her story, and follow her on her journey; a very personal one.

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Jaqui’s Guide To Writing a Feature Article…

Here are some KEY elements to writing a Feature Article… I’ve listed stuff so you can use it as a checklist…

Does it- Inform, Entertain & Persuade?

What is the Purpose of your article? – WHAT IS THE Mission of my Feature Article? (See Above)

Details- facts, analysis, opinion, interviews, anecdotes, descriptions… DETAILS!

Explore a range of issues, opinions, experiences and ideas.



1. Brainstorm ideas

  • what interests you?
  • What are people talking about?
  • Pay attention to the news. (AVOID Oscar please… we’re all BORED BORED BORED)
  • Look to your community for inspiration.

2. What’s the purpose?

3. Research the topic

4. Grab the reader’s attention

5. Keep that attention

6. Leave an impression

You should educate the reader. Big or small the reader should feel fulfilled, inspired, etc. They should feel like they’ve learnt something new and interesting.

The most common type of feature writing is the human interest story… HUMANS are important… use them.


1. Title & Headline: Do I have to go through this again?

2. The first paragraph or LEAD outlines the subject or theme of the article… I gave you options USE them!

3. NUTGRAPH: what is this? THIS MAKES YOUR STORY SIGNIFICANT- contextualises it… answers “SO WHAT?” Makes it newsworthy…YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE… If you don’t know what it is then find out (not by emailing me).

4. The MAIN ARTICLE or BODY: consists of a number of paragraphs that expand the main topic of the article into subtopics. Often the 5W’s and H are explored in greater deal with experiences and anecdotes to reveal more…Subheadings are sometimes useful (exploring themes or main points). Can be structured as an exploration of the past present future. Structure is not just a “random” brain fart.

5. FACTS and stats to back up argument… VITAL! Grand generalisations and claims are not good enough.

6. Personal anecdotes or viewpoints- don’t TELL me- SHOW me…

7. Expert opinions

8. Quotes and interviews

9. Don’t be vague- give specific details like dates etc.

10. Visuals to help back up your story (correctly captioned)



WRITING STYLE (Don’t have to include all of this it’s some guidelines):

More personal tone

Relevant jargon


Facts included

Can be humorous

Rhetorical questions

Emotive words

Images and descriptions

Direct quotes

PROOF READ AND THEN PROOF READ AGAIN AND THEN GIVE IT TO A FRIEND TO PROOF READ (THIS IS PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT)… AND THEN PROOF READ IT AGAIN… If your proofing is bad your article is bad… Firsts will be awarded to articles that I consider ready to publish…

I have witty friends…

So chaps and chapettes I found this beaut of a picture and not only is it totally RAD but my friend made such a wonderful comment that I had to share it. To put you in the picture he’s a film guru… i.e. he doesn’t just watch films but he makes them and teaches youngens to make them too. And yes I’m Chanster… Jackie Chan reference. No I’m not a martial arts expert although I can still kick your asses! (I am not advocating corporal punishment just relax.)

#Banksy I found this on the Bookface cos I follow Banksy- and you should too.

#Banksy I found this on the Bookface cos I follow Banksy- and you should too.

But this is beautiful lighting Chanster! You could save some money on gaffers. (Michael “you can leave your hat on” Hatton: 2014)